About Us
  • WINNOLA is a family run, online liquidation auction website that was founded in 2018.  After observing other retailers, we worked hard to create a business model that combines “Best Practices”.  Our goal is to provide you with a high standard of quality and customer service. Customer service is most important to us. We strive to make our auction buying and pick-up experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. Now, what is an online liquidation auction?
  • WINNOLA buys liquidated products from some of the world’s largest and well-known retailers by the truckload. We then unpack them and list them individually the WINNOLA website. Merchandise can be new, overstock, shelf pulls or returned.  Great or good condition is the goal for our buyers.
  • Then it’s your turn, as you browse through our user-friendly, online auction web portal.  Bidding starts at 1 dollar and all items have no reserve.
  • WINNOLA does not allow Auction Sniping, we are an Anti-Sniping Online Auction company.  Winnola's system is created to discourage sniping by automatically extending the auction if a last-minute bid is placed. This approach leaves all bidding open, and allows any bidders who are watching a particular item during the final few minutes to raise their bid.
  • If you win an item, your credit card will be charged, and an invoice emailed to you.  When you’re ready to pick it up, you’ll have the opportunity to give us advanced notice in an effort to simplify and speed up the pick-up process.
  • This brings you name brand items without the name brand price!
  • Our goal is to provide you with unbeatable products, at unbeatable prices, with unbeatable customer service.  That’s a win-win-win for you!
  • At WINNOLA, it’s “Winner, Winner... Chicken Dinner!!!”