"Ship to Your Store" Shipping Pricing and Policy


FREE "Ship to Your Store" Shipping on ALL Auctions indefinitely!

See something you like in a location you're not close to? We'll cross ship it over to our other location for free!

Please remember to still email shipping@winnola.com with the invoice numbers you'd like shipped!


If you'd like all your items shipped to a specific location every week, you can set your "Default Ship To / Pickup Location" by navigating to your "Account >> Details" page and selecting either location.  Then save your changes and we'll send everything you win to that location once a week, per our normal transfer schedule.  Or you can contact us at shipping@winnola.com and we'll set everything up for you.


  • If you’d like to have certain invoices shipped, please request it via email to shipping@winnola.com.  All shipping requests must be made by the end of day each Wednesday.
  • Product will be shipped at the end of the work week, and be available for pickup the first pick up day of the next work week.
  • Your items MUST be picked up within the same week they arrive at the new location.  We simply don’t have the warehouse space to hold the merchandise that long.
  • Shipping Pricing and Policy is subject to change at any time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.